Artist Creates a Series of Funny Comics Starring an Ice Cube

We love unique comics, and Cube Melt webcomic from artist and illustrator Peng Ven Wong definitely falls into this category. It focuses on an adorable ice cube and follows it on all sorts of funny and relatable adventures.

Most of the Cube Melt webcomics take inspiration from everyday life but have unexpected and amusing twists thanks to the unique features of its main character.

For example, in one of the comics, the ice cube decides to go on a ride. When it notices that there is a free entry for “kids below 90 cm,” it simply shrinks to the required size and gets a free ride.

Another comic shows the ice cube getting bored of watching the TV. It decides to go outside but quickly realizes the sun isn’t its best friend.  

“Every day is a source of inspiration for me. A simple stroll in the park, an overheard conversation, or a trending meme can all spark an idea,” Wong shared in a recent chat with Bored Panda.

Thanks to their unique main character and funny stories, Cube Melt webcomic gained a sizable online fanbase that includes more than 250K followers on Instagram. Check out some of our favorite entries below.