You Never Know What to Expect With “Inky Rickshaw Comics”

It is often easy to figure out how a webcomic will end just by looking at its first panel. However, with Inky Rickshaw Comics, created by artist Ricky Hawkins, you never know what to expect.

Hawkins’ super fun comics are a gift that keeps on giving. They always pack some surprises at the end, bringing lots of laughs but also leaving you a bit puzzled.

Hawkins has been interested in comics as a creative outlet for a while but only started being more focused on these projects in 2018 when he started Inky Rickshaw Comics. Over time, the number of followers on his social media started to grow and encouraged him to invest more time into them.

Now, Inky Rickshaw Comics has 35K followers on Instagram alone, with the number only growing as these comics keep on finding ways to reach new fans with their entertaining nature.

“I’m still an aspiring artist myself, but I’ll say that one of the most important things is to keep creating and striving to improve as those are lifelong pursuits,” Hawkins gave advice to artists who are looking to get into webcomics in a recent chat with Bored Panda. “Make the art that interests you, and you will eventually find an audience. It also helps to nurture a positive attitude and a good sense of humor!”

Check out more of his works below.