Artist Creates Stunning Embroidered Portraits

At first glance, Sorrell Chrystal Kerrison’s portraits look like Fauvist paintings, created using conspicuous brush strokes. It’s only upon closer observation that you realize her “paintings” are in fact embroideries, made with a skilled set of hands.

“I like to be flexible and freestyle,” said the artist in an interview with Textile Artist. “Nothing in my work is particularly set in stone. My techniques are a bit punk and raw. I want to improvise as I go and I love it when accidental mistakes happen, rather than planning every aspect of a piece.”

“Both my parents made and built things, so it wasn’t seen as anything unusual to make or fix your own clothing,” she added, talking about her artistic background. “I’ve been in various bands throughout my lifetime and used my skills in making and augmenting clothing to print t-shirts or fix up charity shop clothes and make them a little more stage-ready.”

It’s that set of skills which has made her a varied, awe-inducing, artist. You can catch some of her works on her Instagram page.