Flower Power: Brannon Addison’s Embroideries Are Simply Charming

The art of embroidery entails a steady hand and close attention to details.
But in the case of Brannon Addison’s tiny embroideries, extra attention is needed. Known as “Happy Cactus Designs”, her hand-embroidered artwork focuses on the natural world.

No two pieces are the same. “With each piece, I have a general concept in mind, but I don’t work with a template or pattern,” she wrote on her website. “All of my embroidery work is freehand, and I find beauty in the unknown of how a piece will turn out.”

“Each piece of hand embroidery is sold framed with a custom mat board selected especially for that design,” she explained. “No two pieces are alike and each takes many hours of hand stitching to complete.”

Her pieces are well worth hanging on your wall or decorating your house, with some of her embroideries being featured on Vogue and Martha Stewart, among others. Check out her Instagram page for a dose of creativity.

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