Illustrator Creates Comics About How He Met His Wife

Jonathan Jui is an artist who creates comics about the adventures of being a dad to a toddler. He started his comics three years ago when his son came to the world.

“I started turning these memories into parenting cartoons and letters that I will one day give to my son when he is old enough to appreciate it (maybe thirty years later when he has his own kids?!),” Jui shared on his personal website. “But in the meantime, I’m sharing our journey and laughs with others.”

In one of his latest creations, the illustrator introduced to his followers how he met his wife and the mother of his child.

“I usually draw parenting comics about the funny things I experience with my toddler so that he can look back on them in the future. But I also want him to know the story of how I met his mother, which I finally got around to drawing,” he added.

You can find Jui’s work on his social media accounts, Facebook and Instagram where he shares his hilarious comics.

Scroll down and check out their family adventures below.