Kicki Left College to Become a Social Media Icon

Sometimes it takes time to find yourself, but if you give it time and do what it takes, you might end up a star. That’s what happened to Kicki Yang Zhang.

Kicki is a Chinese-born, Berlin-based YouTuber, artist and model. At 24, she has over 130 thousand YouTube subscribers and over 280 thousand Instagram followers, she’s modeled for huge brands and in one of the hottest name in the Berlin fashion industry. But this wasn’t always the case. It took her quite a while to get to where she is now.

Kicki’s current career isn’t anything like what she had planned for herself. In high school, she wanted to study engineering, but her teachers thought she wasn’t good enough and took the wind out of her sails. Instead, she enrolled in business school, which pleased her parents – but she was miserable. She didn’t see herself going into the business world, and was lost and depressed in college.

Eventually, she mustered up the courage to tell her parents that she was leaving university and moving to Berlin. Her parents weren’t completely on board with her plan, but she was an adult and had to make her own way in life.  

The move was just what she needed. She started modeling for big companies like ASOS, traveling the world and working on her art. Her YouTube channel, where she shared her art and talked about her daily life, became hugely popular. Something about her effortless chick and beauty made her a natural star. Today, she’s mostly famous for her unique makeup looks that she shares on Instagram as well as for her modeling work. She travels the world, meet interesting people and being true to herself. IT took a while, but now she knows who she is.

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