You Gotta See This Realistic Taco Bell Cake

We’ve already covered Natalie Sideserf’s work before, but we now wanted to share a new cake she made recently. It’s an incredibly realistic Taco Bell beef taco replica and you won’t believe it’s not a real thing.

Along with the photo of the taco cake on Instagram, Sideserf shared a Youtube video showing the process of making it. If you follow her instructions, you can try making your own Taco Bell cake. Keep in mind that she’s bringing years of practice into her every project and don’t be disappointed if it doesn’t come out like this in the first try.

Sideserf lives and works in Austin, Texas, where she moved from Cleveland. She runs her business Sideserf Cake Studio and is known for making realistic cakes that look and taste amazing. Check out the “how-to” video for the Taco Bell cake below.