Swatch and Tate Gallery Team Up for Art-Inspired Collection of Watches

Want to wear your appreciation for art around your wrist? If the answer is yes, then you’ll find the latest collection from watchmaker Swatch and Tate Gallery particularly interesting.

Swatch and Tate Gallery teamed up to release a collection of watches inspired by famous artworks. It consists of seven watch designs, with each one having its face and strap adorned with motifs from a different masterpiece. The watches don’t feature digits, which keeps the look clean and gives a better representation of the artwork.

The list includes Henri Matisse’s “Snail,” Louise Bourgeois’ “Spirals,” Wilhelmina Barns-Graham’s “Orange and Red on Pink,” Joseph Mallord William Turner’s “The Scarlet Sunset,” Fernand Léger’s “Two Women Holding Flowers,” Marc Chagall’s “The Blue Circus,” and Joan Miro’s “Women and Bird in the Moonlight.”

“In collaboration with the renowned Tate galleries, we are celebrating a true journey through time, genre, and self-expression. Our Swatch x Tate Gallery Collection is a selection of wearable masterpieces, inspired by artists known for their boundary pushing, innovation and positive provocation,” Swatch said announcing the collection.

The watches from the Swatch x Tate Gallery Collection are currently available through Swatch’s online shop. The price ranges between $100 and $110.