Meet Ruble, The Smiling Cat

Image via rubletherussian/Instagram

Cats are more expressive than you think. They make funny faces and may even mimic their owners sometimes. Ranging from the foolish to the smug and all-out adorable, this smiling cat will surely improve your day.

Smiling cats always attract a huge following in real life and on social media. Their smiles serve as a reminder of how amazing they are as companions. Even though they can be a handful most times, they are lovely creatures to keep around.

This happy cat has a beautiful bluish fur with the biggest and cutest eyes you will ever see. Ruble is a ball of fun and loves to go around the house making a funny face. He is a photogenic cat and a happy one at that. His smile will definitely warm your heart.

We picked a few of our favorite pictures from his Instagram. Scroll below to view them.