Mocha the Pomeranian is Cute as a Button

Judging by her Instagram page, Mocha, a chocolate and fawn pomeranian, is having the time of her life. Groomed, spoiled, and cuddled to bits, the adorable pooch can fit right in the palm of your hand. And with more than 56k followers, it’s clear that there are plenty of people out there hoping to give her a good cuddle.

“Mocha is loving and affectionate,” said her owner in an interview with Hello Bark. “She is always up for cuddles and always likes to be nearby (I will usually find her sleeping above my pillow at night!). She also loves to play with her squeaky toys (the squeakier the better), going for runs and walks.”

According to her owner, Mocha can be seen at any time zooming around the house. “She will run around from one room to another and tire herself out,” she says, adding that “she can be stubborn at times too. You know when she is not in the mood to do something. Her followers know this – sometimes when we are out for a walk and she doesn’t feel like walking any further, she will sit on her bum and refuse to move.”

The feisty pooch is said to outsmart every living thing in the house. “Sometimes refuses to eat her dinner or doesn’t feel like eating what is given to her,” said her owner. “I will have to play little games (eg food fetch) to get her to eat.”

Still, she recommends adopting a Pomeranian.”They’re always happy and smiling when family members come home,” said the owner about the breed.

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