Mother’s Photoshoot Proves That Women Can Be Both Girly and Sporty

If there’s one particular role that society has pigeonholed women in since time immemorial, it’s that they are made out of “sugar and spice and everything nice.”

If the phrase sounds familiar, it should be. It’s a phrase borrowed from a popular nursery rhyme. It also perfectly encapsulates what society thinks what girls should be. Because of this, girls who prioritize looking athletic are so often labeled as “boyish” and “tomboys”.

But, for one Alabama mother, that’s something that needs to be addressed, and she does exactly just that with her latest photo series.

Based in Alabama, photographer Heather Mitchell, decided to break convention and show the world that women can be both “girly” and “sporty” at the same time with her photographs.

The result? A stunning display of the reality that society so often misses while it’s so busy trying to bring down those who try to be different.

Have a look at it below to see for yourself.