Musician Creates a Viral Rap Song About People Ordering Coffee at Starbucks

We have all been there. You are standing in a line in a Starbucks coffee shop and impatiently waiting to get your Americano, cappuccino, or a simple espresso. There is only one person standing in front of you, but their order is so complex and long that it looks like you will never get your caffeine fix.

Musician Elle Cordova has been in this kind of situation so frequently that they have inspired her to create a rap song about it. Cordova debuted the catchy tune in a recent viral video shared on social media, capturing the essence of long coffee orders.

It starts with black coffee but then ventures to “half of this, half of that,” “a little itty bitty hint of mint,” “extra hot, extra whip, extra shot, java chip, and little caramel drizzle on the top.” And it doesn’t stop there.

It is safe to say that internet users both related to the song while also finding it really funny and praising Cordova’s lyrical skills. 

“The person always in front of me when I just want a black ice coffee: orders a chemistry experiment,” one TikToker commented.

“I’m telling my kids this is Eminem,” another added.

So, next time someone holds the line with their long coffee orders, blast them with this song. Maybe they won’t get the message, but at least you will feel a bit better.