Our Top Fashionable Pooches on Instagram

Trendsetters come in many shapes and forms, and when it comes to fashion – Instagram delivers! So it comes as no surprise that some of our favorite models on Instagram aren’t human at all. Instadogs are here to make a statement and we’re all for it. Here are some of our favorite fashionable pooches. Take note!

Margaret the Iggy

The Italian Greyhound based in Adelaide, Australia, Margaret has amassed a cult following on Instagram, thanks to her trendy outfits. The pampered pup can be seen sporting a neon jumpsuit or rocking a pair of sunglasses. She also sells her own merch on Etsy.

Chewie the Pomeranian

LA-based Chewie loves sporting miniature outfits and costumes. Add to that his ability to high five and you get in instant celebrity. With more than 100,000 fans on Instagram and three times more than that on Tik Tok, he’s more famous then we’ll ever be.

Pavlov the Corgi

Based in Southern California, 3-year-old Pavlov is cute as a button. His many (many!) followers enjoy keeping up with his epic adventures, visiting places like Yosemite National Park and Lake Tahoe. All while sporting a cute little outfit (or costume) that adds to his undeniable charm.