Peter Tarka’s 3D Art is Nothing Short of Amazing

It’s hard not to be in awe of Peter Tarka’s 3D art. Using forms, shapes, and bold colors, he produces immersive illustrations for some of the most recognizable brands on the planet. As an established artist and art director, Tarka’s clients include Apple, Nike, LG, Samsung, Audi, and Google.

His artwork, clean and very much on point, creates mesmerizing visual experiences, even if you’re not the artistic sort of person. But though the finished result is nothing short of spectacular, Tarka says his workflow isn’t anything special.

“I’m a really horrible drawer,” he told Medium,“so I always start the with 3D. Colors and textures are usually the last step for me and there’s a lot of mixing in that stage. I’ve got a selection of my 30–35 favorite kind of materials and I try to mix them with colors and textures to get the right results.”

Drawn to architecture since a very young age, he says that moving to 3D was the natural step for him. “The super realistic and sci-fi designs that were dominating the 3D scene back then didn’t appeal to me, so I decided to move to a bit more of an illustrative approach,” he says.

The most amazing part about Tarka? The fact that he’s taught himself everything he needed to know. “I’m fully self taught, studied economics and dropped out of school after obtaining my bachelor degree,” he says. “I didn’t even think about doing a masters degree.”

Scroll down for some of our favorite works by him.