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Lucy Joyce Creates Life-Like Artwork of Wildlife and Pets

Lucy Joyce is a British artist specializing in life-like wildlife and pet artworks. Her works pack an impressive amount of detail, capturing animals in...

Musician Crafts a Full-Functioning Guitar Using LEGO Bricks

We have seen some really fascinating projects come to life thanks to LEGO bricks. However, a recent creation by Austrian musician Bernth is really...

Artist Paints Captivating Portraits of Women on Oriental Carpets

Montreal, Canada-based artist Mateo Humano is bringing together ancient cultures and urban art in a really unique way. He creates captivating portraits of women...

Stranger Makes a Crochet Beanie for a Well-Behaved Baby on Its First Flight

People often freak out when they see a baby boarding on their flight. They immediately assume that they will have to listen to cries...

Swarovski Designs Smart Binoculars That Can Recognize Over 9,000 Bird and Animal Species

Some animals and birds are easy to identify. You'll hardly fail to recognize a bear or an eagle when you see one. However, with...

Just Fun

The Crowbar Comics Will Catch You Off Guard With Unexpected Twists

The Crowbar Comics is a fast-rising series of comics that are capturing the attention of social media users with a unique drawing style, relatable...

Sean Kenney Builds Large-Scale Animal Sculptures Using LEGOs

LEGO bricks have long transcended their original purpose of being toys. Thanks to the endless possibilities they offer, LEGOs are now being used in...

Joan Cornella’s Posters are Demotivational and Hilarious

You might not be familiar with the name Joan Cornella, but there is a high chance you have seen some of his works on...

Mochi and Sumo are Instagram’s Most Adorable Cat Duo

Instagram’s most adorable pets often come in pairs, and that happens to be the case with Mochi and Sumo. These two adorable kitties are...

Adam Rush’s Ceramic Creations Have Unique Personalities

British artist Adam Rush’s approach to ceramics isn’t something you see every day. He creates pieces that are somewhat weird, but curiously captivating, thanks...