Beautiful Sea Corals Made From Ceramics

Although ceramic art is not among the most popular branches of contemporary art, many famous artists began with ceramics, such as Picasso, Leach, Wood, and Rhodes.  

Working with this material can be very demanding, especially when it comes to tiny details. Shaping ceramics into art calls for a detail-oriented eye, a steady hand and a strong sense of aesthetics. But the artist we’d like to present to you today manages to make the most beautiful, intricate coral-like plates, bowls, vases, and jewelry. 

Her name is Lisa Stevens, and she creates her art in her home studio near Bristol, UK. To achieve the coral-like look of her artworks, she has to do a lot of miniature work, like making countless tiny lines and holes on objects, which she then paints using pastel colors. She challenged herself with #the100dayproject on Instagram, which means that she posted one coral-themed object every day for 100 days. For Stevens this is not just a hobby – she makes a living out of making these ceramic wonders by selling them on Etsy.  

Check out her coral art below!