This Miniature Ceramic Art is Mind-Boggling

Here at PlayJunkie, we’ve written about many ceramic artists as well as miniature artists, but this is the first time we’ve encountered an actual miniature ceramic artist. Based in Oahu, Hawaii, Jon Almeda’s motto is “size does matter,” as his art clearly demonstrates.

A self-taught artist, for many years Almeda assigned to the notion that “the bigger the better.” But after coming across a book called Creating Ceramic Miniatures he dramatically changed his approach. He soon discovered that working small was much harder then he imagined, requiring him to test different clay bodies, make his own tools, and trying out new techniques.

Now, after 17 years of creating miniatures, Almeda has amassed more than 250k fans on Instagram. Pushing himself to improve all the time, he’s trying out new techniques with each of his creations. Scrolling through his Instagram page, you can’t but be impressed. No matter the scale, his ceramics are perfect, his glazes – varied and rich, with each piece truly a one of kind.

Talking about his inspiration with The Potters Cast, he says: “there are so many different things that I am interested in, music, photography, just all different arts. There would be too many to list just one. I pull inspiration from all different places.”

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