Impressive Fantasy Art by Gary Villareal

Gary Villareal is a famous American illustrator who managed to build a community of 203k followers on his Instagram account, all thanks to his immense talent. 

He comes from a family devoted to art – his brothers drew very well, his father loved music, his mother was an amazing cook, and his sister was a passionate dancer. He grew up in Texas, but moved to LA to become a conceptual artist.

His road to recognition was really tough and challenging – he worked as a cashier in HEB for 10 years. It was a boring job, but it gave him enough spare time to express himself artistically. In the meantime, he secretly fell in love with concept art in video games. He applied for a job as the package designer at HEB, and got it, only to find out he didn’t like it at all. After two years, he got replaced, which turned out to be the best thing that happened to him.

He was 27, recently married and unemployed, and spent the next 7 months honing his skills. Soon, a friend wrote to him about a full-time concept artist position, and that’s where he is now, fully content and as creative as ever! 

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“I almost lost you buddy…” Nora thought as she picked Koko up from a muddy pool and placed him over her shoulder. It’s been a few weeks now since they last saw each other. Some parts of the river dried around the region, so she decided to check up on Koko. They’ve been friends for many years forging a deep bond for one another. A bond that never died, especially during the dry seasons. Though, over the years, life began taking course. Muscles weakening, bones and joints ached with every movement making it harder for Nora to visit him. She, in a sense, was Koko’s mother. She fed him, moved him to deeper waters when parts of the river dried up and kept him safe. However, she couldn’t help but wonder how long this will last. Until then, she takes a great sense of joy in helping her friend. . . What’s going on everyone, I hope you like this piece! This idea came to me one day after reminiscing about a fishing trip I had with my older brothers. We would often go fishing at the Brazos River and I remember walking on the riverbed during dry seasons. You would often see some dead fishes lying out; some were even easy catches as if they just washed up. Pretty interesting to see how that experience influenced this piece. Anywho, enough of my chatter… Thanks for your time if! . . Have a great day and stay with it!! 😊✊🏼 . . . . . . . . . #drawingoftheday #sketchbook #sketch #art #villarrte #arte #artoftheday #illustration #artistsoninstagram #pencildrawing #instaartist #characterdesign #interesting #amor #instaartoftheday #beautiful #illustrationgram #storytelling #dibujando #handdrawing #fish #catfish #pencil #traditionalartist #mother #traditionaldrawing #original

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