Embroidery as a Modern Way Of Art

Embroidery is one of the oldest techniques with records dating from before the 10th century. Its roots are ancient, with every culture having some form it in their textile art history.

Although the activity started with practical beginnings to mend clothing, it has grown into a creative endeavor that remains popular today. It’s an easily accessible craft to start. Supplies are inexpensive and the techniques range from basic to advanced. You might even know some of the embroidery stitches—many of us learn to sew from a parent or grandparent, as the skills of embroidery are traditionally passed on from generation to generation.

Stefanija Pejchinovska, who works behind the label Damaja, is a hand embroidery designer based in Berlin, Germany. She is a graduate architect who finds ultimate pleasure in hand embroidery as a meditative and satisfying craft.

Stefanija is self-taught and practices hand embroidery in the past two decades. She believes in a more mindful approach to life through reuse of textiles, slow fashion, slow creation. Her work consists of teaching workshops, upcycling fabrics to produce accessories and collaborations with local designers to embroider sustainable clothing, made in an ethical environment.

So, relеаse all your thoughts, let your brain completely relax and allow your intuition to contribute in every string you weave.

Check out some of her work below.