Enter The Latest Insta Craze

Unless you’re living under an Instagram-free rock, you have already noticed that photos of “cute dudes” doing literally anything from reading books to sipping on cocktails are quite the trend lately.

This is how Kaylin Pound realized that her two favorite things in the world – cute guys and cute dogs – can be combined into very enjoyable Instagram posts, so she launched the account hotdudeswithdogs in March this year.

Yep, such a thing exists and surprisingly, we are glad about it. 

Every day brings a new picture of a good-looking dude cuddling with an even better-looking dog. Still, this is not some random account as it may seem at first glance – the pictures are great and usually feature unusual destinations. In fact, both of the models on every picture are so well-groomed and styled that you will end up wondering which one looks ‘hotter’. 

The account currently boasts over 44,000 followers. It’s always open for submissions and inclusive towards everyone, so if you are a hot dog owner you can tag them on a picture and try out your luck right away. Take a glimpse at the pretty pictures in the gallery below!