Instagram Dog Performs a Delicate Balancing Act

Harley (AKA Harlso the Balancing Hound), a 4-year-old dachshund hailing from Belfast, Northern Ireland, has amassed well over 50 million views on his many (many!) social media pages. Known as the King of Balancing, the loveable pooch is famous for balancing anything and everything, including food, toys, and plants on his head.

“He just has the flattest head,” said his owners, Jennifer Scott and Paul Lavery, in an interview with BBC News. “He can’t do any normal tricks, sit or anything. Balancing things on his head is the only thing he can do,” they admitted.

It all started with a toy chicken, which he balanced masterfully. “My talent was unearthed by chance that night,” reads a blog post on Harley’s website. “I made dad throw my favorite toy chicken 34628193 times until he could throw no more. (1-0 Harlso). He thought it would be funny to balance it on my head… little did he know, I’ve a head flatter than his jokes. Sometimes he uses them to caption my posts… DAD JOKES… how embarrassing.”

“He loves balancing, some people message saying that he looks sad… but that’s just his face! Its how they look! He loves it,” his owners assure. “Its all a bit of fun, but if any of the readers want to suggest something, he’ll give anything a go,” they added.

Take a look at Harlso in action.

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'I like to watch what I eat!' 😋🙄 ~ Harlso 🐾

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