Julia Toledano’s Boots Were Made For Walking

Designer and co-founder of Nodaleto, Julia Toledano has always dreamed of having her own shoe brand. “I’ve wanted to start a shoe brand for a long time,” she admitted in an interview with Flaunt. “Actually, it was my childhood dream! During my childhood, I was designing for myself only and didn’t go to a fashion school.”

After initially going to law school in Paris and receiving a master’s in fashion journalism, she soon became obsessed with the idea of starting her own brand. “So I start doing some research of what I wanted… the name, the aesthetic, the line, etc…” she recalled. “And then decided to go to London College of Fashion to take classes on technical shoe aspects. I went to Italy to visit factories, then came back to Paris and started one year ago– the beginning of everything.”

Now, together with Olivier Leone, her dream became a reality, with her baby becoming one of the most noticed brands of Paris FW19 fashion week. Based between Paris and Los Angeles, her studio sources its materials from Venice. The leathers are varnished, aged, and the architectural lines voluntarily anchored. Fuelled by their love for multi-artistic mediums, Nodaleto emerges as a creative label that goes beyond shoes, a gentle exuberance inspired by the iconography and architecture of the 70s.

“Nodaleto is the result of what I am, the aesthetic I like, what I was dreaming of wearing as a shoe addict,” says Toledano. “My family heritage inspired the brand itself in a global aspect. Andalusia inspired the color of the brand, Tangerine, which I used in patent leather in my collection… between red and orange, love and happiness. For the minimalism aspect of the shoes, I like quality fabrics and architectural lines.”

Take a look at some of the brand’s more eye-popping designs:

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