Talented Makeup Artist Transforms Herself Into Different People

Image via promisetamang/Instagram

We have seen several makeup transformations, but some sweep us off our feet because of how detailed they look. This Makeup artist knows how to shock her audience with her amazing makeup skills.

Promise Tamang is a talented makeup artist, and she recently went viral for transforming herself into James Charles, a popular makeup artist. The results were shocking and left her audience wondering how she pulled it off.

This artist has also created some notable looks in recent times, and she posts them to her Instagram page with thousands of followers. She has worked on creating visual illusions by painting her face upside down. She also transformed herself into the Grinch.

Another notable transformation she has done is changing into Mariah Carey. The talented makeup artist has also created a look from Aladdin, Princess Jasmine. Scroll below to see some of her amazing work.



Mariah Carey


Princess Jasmine