These Two Pugs are More Famous Than You’ll Ever Be

Instagram has its fair share of pugs, but when it comes to overwhelming cuteness Minnie and Max take the cake. The sibling pugs have gained notoriety thanks to a viral head tilting clip that was featured on The Ellen Show.

“In late 2008, we had our pug friend Mabel staying with us while her humans were traveling,” recalled their owners in an interview with Hello Bark.

“We posed all three for a photo tilting their heads (as many pugs do) and sent it to them as an email attachment. We then did a video similar to the photo while asking a few recognizable questions of them. ‘Wanna go for a riiiide, etc.’ We tried to attach it to an email as well but the file size was too large. We decided to upload it to our rarely used YouTube account and simply send them the link. (We also CC’d a couple dog friends who we thought might enjoy it.)”

Several weeks later, their email inbox was filling up with video comment notifications from YouTube. It wasn’t long after that they received an email from ABC’s Good Morning America requesting permission to air it. Soon thereafter, it appeared on Ellen, Regis and Kelly, and other programs. Another version of the video appeared on Jay Leno’s Tonight Show and several subsequent videos appeared on Animal Planet.

Now they make good use of their social media platform (their Instagram page alone has more than 100k followers), to spread the message about pug rescuing. Oh, and to share more delightful updates about their adorable pups. This is one Instagram page you’d want to follow!