This Artist Draws Humans With Over-Exaggerated Proportions

French designer and illustrator Gaspart draws characters with over-exaggerated proportions. He says that he always loved drawing, and has been doing it ever since he was a little kid. The 34-year-old artist developed a unique minimalistic style and in his artwork, he uses bright, bold, vibrant, and saturated colors. Although he would like to draw more on paper, his favorite medium is digital.

“Spending time searching for a concept is very important to me. I find it by talking with people or in daily life by looking at my surroundings. When I finally get my idea, I first start to sketch on my tablet for the first version. When I’m satisfied with the composition and the proportions, I clean the line and put the colors,” the artist shared on Ballpit and added that although he is an introvert person when he is drawing he gets into the state called the ‘flow’.

“For a dreamer like me… living in a world that is sometimes too serious and stressful, art is like an escape to something lighter and more colorful,” he added.

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