Russian Artists Create Wearable Art Out of Paper

Creative duo Asya and Dmitriy Kosin push the limits of contemporary paper sculptures. Their intricate projects include wearable paper art such as masks, Baroque paper wigs, and even wedding dresses. Using plain white sheets, the paper allows for them to accent form.

All of their pieces are crafted by hand, each of them unique and never to be replicated. “The paper allows for implementing quick and easy ideas that we imagine,” the Russian duo explained in an interview with Wowcracy. “As far, we work mostly with wigs and costumes, it’s hard to imagine what other material could go so well.”

Rather than simple clothes or accessories, their creations are first and foremost works of art. “Textiles or other similar material would look too literally,” they say. “Our task is to ignore the literal reading of the suit as the practical thing and create an artistic thing.”

The versatile white paper is used not only as a tool but also as a concept, which helps express the historical process in a symbolic fashion. The images of Mongolian, African, Scythian, Venetian, Baroque, Art nouveau cultures are easily recognizable throughout their designs.

But when it comes to the creative process itself, it all starts with a sheet of paper.