Photographer Reveals How Groceries Are Really Made

Image via jsv_photography/Instagram

Juhamatti Vahdersalo is a photographer and digital artist best known for his project called Grossceries. Before shooting his series, the Finland-based artist saw a documentary about how different groceries are made.

“Big factories with endless assembly lines and hundreds of machines handling products from beginning to end”, the photographer said. “It was quite interesting to watch how products change their appearance completely from start to finish. An idea was born to create alternative ways of making these same groceries. And when you add just a drop of humanity to it, I think that’s a story.”

His project starts with a sketch, then he makes little scenes from pieces of wood and plastic he has in his garage, and after that the shooting starts. Finally, with the use of Photoshop he adds details that were too intricate in real life, or easier to create in post.

Check out his work below.