Artist Shows the Shocking Contrasts Our World Displays

We live in a rough world, but we tend to forget just how brutal and cruel life can be to some people. Ugur, a young photo editor from Turkey tries to show us the world from a slightly different perspective, highlighting the problems different people around the world are facing. 

By combining two images into a shocking composition, he wants to present the social injustice, consequences of war and climate change, as well as the contrast between the two different worlds in which we live in.  

 “An image is sometimes more effective than a thousand words,” he says. “The crisis solution can be described in very complicated words, but you don’t need the language to read and understand the artwork. Art is stronger than all languages. It has been used to raise awareness for a very long time.”

His art is not for everyone’s eyes, as the images can be sad or disturbing, but they can also be inspirational in the sense that they might (hopefully) push you to action, turning our world into a better place to live in.