Mom Photoshops Her Kids into a Fantasy Filled World

Colorado-based photographer and visual artist Alexandria has been impressing social media users with the amazing photo-manipulations for some time now. With the help of Photoshop, she is able to create mesmerizing images that look like a fairytale that came to life.

Alexandria’s kids provide help with these creations, posing as models and being a part of the magic and fantasy world their mother creates. So far they had the opportunity to wield the Harry Potter’s magic wand, be fairytale characters, roam among giant pumpkins and much more.

According to Alexandria, she takes all of the original photos herself and always tries to tell a certain story using the manipulation software.

“I like my images to be darker in exposure but infused with some elements of light and a more whimsical feel.” – Alexandria explains. “Each of my photos tells a different story: sometimes the story is complex and requires a lot of added elements, and other times, it just needs a hint of magic.”

Check out some of her works below.

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Stories are written in the most unlikely of places. (**SWIPE to see a video of the process) ___________________________________________________ Wandering for miles through the everlasting trunks of trees, dusk quickly settling in, these two found a tiny glimpse of spring and a small door tucked away in the trunk of a tree. They inched their way closer, hands intertwined, their hearts filled with curiosity. Where would the door lead? They dreamed of what lay ahead, a place where they could snuggle up, somewhere filled with magic, and a table to enjoy the yummy @nature_valley Oats ‘N Honey bars that they had kept safely in their basket. Adventure called to them, it beckoned them closer as nature tends to do, offering a magic unlike anything else and a place where dreams flourish. (Walmart Online Grocery is now offering mega packs of @nature_valley bars on their app, & these are the sorts of things we eat a whole lot of on the go. Little Oliver thinks they are cookies ☺️) #naturevalley #neverenoughnature #gomega #sponsored . . . . . . #bookstagram #enter_imagination #launchdsigns #creartmood #littleredridinghood #fairytale #disney #imaginativeuniverse #creativegrammer #bookish #creative_ace #ig_shotz_magic #manipulationclan #xceptionaledits #edits_of_our_world #visualsmovement #creatorgrams #igcreative_editz #edit_grams #edit_perfection #thecreativers #ps_daydream #winniethepooh #disneylove

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