Small Yet Adorable Building of Kyoto Captured by John Einarsen

Image via kyotojournal/Instagram

John Einarsen has been shooting the everyday architecture of his home city of Kyoto for Kyoto Journal’s Instagram page for over 2 years. During that time, he managed to photograph hundreds of buildings, from the most basic and plain ones to those with unique details.

“I think to begin with I was drawn more to the buildings with more obvious quirks,” the photographer says, “perhaps because I was thinking about how viewers would respond, to create a sense of novelty… The project is still all about showing this other side of Kyoto that is largely ignored, but I think that looking at the images now, viewers might notice they have mellowed or toned down, so maybe you need to look at them a little longer, ponder the details to appreciate them fully…”

Prepare to be charmed!