What Happens When You Flip a Tube Station Upside Down?

Executive Producer and advertiser, Meli Bagdavadze, looks at her environment with a different perspective. The Georgia-based amateur photographer visited London lately, and like most tourists, took photos of its Tube stations. It was then that she had her revelation.

“I was holding my phone upside down when the photo rotated,” Bagdavadze shared on Bored Panda. “First, I thought I was looking at some spaceship but then I realized that it’s my photo. Of the station. In tube. So I started photographing every station. It worked and I was seeing spaceships everywhere.”

She decided to share these pictures in memory of her friend Nika Gujejiani who was encouraging her to upload them on Bored Panda. It’s a good thing she had since they’re truly breathtaking.

Check out her mesmerizing work below.